Token Distribution
    400,000,000 DINOPARKs max supply
    300,000,000 DINOPARKs (75%) for Initial LP for Fair launch DINOPARK-BNB LP
    40,000,000 (10%) airdrops all JDIs holders with more than 2,000 JDI at a pro rate The more you hold JDI, the higher airdrop % you will get
    40,000,000 (10%) Reserve for DINOPARK activities.E.g., Rewards for games
    20,000,000 (5%) various other marketing activities
    Limit to 800,000 DINOPARK per transaction (0.2%) to avoid whale dumping

JDI holders

    Snapshot date for JDI holder airdrop is 2 days before launch
    Distribution date will be linearly for 5 days after launch

LP Burn

    LP will be exclusively created in the Apeswap
    Initial LP will be burned after initialization and additional LP will constantly be burned
Last modified 5mo ago
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