DINO Level Up Pool
Let us begin leveling up your DINO Profile!

Want to level up your DINO Profile

Buy your egg profile and come stake at the pool

Level Available

    Level 0 -> 1 and experience require is 100
    Level 1 -> 2
    Level 2 -> 3
    Level 3 -> 4
    Level 4 -> 5

Hatching Farm (level 0 -> 1, from egg to first baby)

    You have a level 0 egg and you want to level up
    Come to here stake with your favorite tokens
      At launch there are 4 pools
        JDI (4x)
        DINOP (2x)
        DBM (1x)
        BANANA (1x)
      The more the tokens, the quicker the experience gains
      You can stake all 4 tokens to boost the rate
    On the top of that, for the first 30 days, you can have additional $DINOP for each staking pool
    For the DINOP pool, staking requires no transaction fees both in and out
Last modified 4mo ago